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Remembering Pets We Have Loved and Lost

You came into my life one day, so beautiful and smart. My dear and sweet companion, I loved you from the start.

And though I knew the time would come, when we would have to part. You'll never be forgotten, you left paw prints on my heart.

Xmas 2012_edited.jpg

(3/17/2006 - 7/11/2019)
Dr. Sarena's soul dog

Faolan is the reason I started Peace for Paws.
I ended his suffering myself, peacefully in the comfort of his own bed with just our little family present. It inspired me to start Peace for Paws, so that other pets and families could experience the same peace and comfort in their final moments together.
Together, Faolan and I climbed mountains, kayaked, paddle boarded, swam, snowshoed, lived in three states, road-tripped, hiked countless trails, camped, danced at summer festivals, and cuddled together. He was my protector and adventure partner, and I still think of him every single day.

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